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We live in a world where every product or service has an online reputation since people are free to voice their opinions, and those opinions are put upfront for every client and customer. This reputation greatly influences the mind and decisions of potential buyers, customers, and clients. This is why it is crucial to establish an authentic, trustworthy, and robust online reputation. But how can you do so?

How can you control your reputation online? The Build My ORM is here to help you with our services that will make your brand reputation shine if you struggle with it!

Before we dive into the depths of the detail about each service, it is essential to know why is this activity in the first place and what benefit can you derive from establishing a good reputation online:

1. Handle Bad Reviews- No matter how great your brand might be, one negative review can shake up the entire foundation of the customer tower. The Build My ORM can help you develop such a reputation that one or two negative reviews will not significantly impact your brand.

2. Increase online visibility- A significant chunk of the population explores the web before choosing a brand. If you have a good reputation online, you will be more visible and thus attract more customers.

3. Let business boom - With an excellent reputation, you will get a loyal customer base that will also attract new customers- the direct result of which will make your business reach new heights.

Services Offered by Build My ORM:

1. ORM (Online Reputation Management) Agency in Mumbai

The Build My ORM is the best ORM Agency in Mumbai. Whether it is old or new, local or widespread, Build My ORM is here for you, no matter what your brand is about. We cannot only help you develop a reputation as a new business, but we can also revert a bad reputation and help you establish your business again. According to research, around two-thirds of customers rely solely on online reviews before deciding. This makes it all the more critical for you to focus on your quality and leave your reputation handling in the hands of Build My ORM. 

2. Wikipedia Page Development & Management in Mumbai:

From a child to an older adult- everyone knows about Wikipedia, and it is considered the ocean of knowledge and authenticity. If your brand is listed on Wikipedia, it will give your brand a great sense of credibility. Also, the netizens will get to know you better, giving you a wide reach. This makes Wikipedia Page Development & Management an activity that business owners cannot ignore. Build My ORM will not only help you develop but also manage your Wikipedia page to keep it up-to-date with all that your company is doing. 

3. Political Reputation Management in Mumbai:

With the opposition always giving wind to negative news related to you, it is tough to contain the wildfire of a bad image that can destroy your political career. You may be so busy in everyday activities that you may not even realize when a piece of news spreads all over the internet and takes down your reputation. But with the Political Reputation Management service offered by Build My ORM, you need not worry! We will make it a point to push down any possible triggering news and establish such a political reputation that will favor you and your party.

4. Review Management in Mumbai:

Around 80% of the customers make it a point to check the reviews of a product or service before choosing it. This means that even though your brand might be putting in a lot of effort in quality, it pulls down your reputation if the review section is not credible. But worry not! Build My ORM will help you build a review section that will highlight the best parts of your business, focusing on your USPs to guide and attract customers to your business.

5. Digital PR Management in Mumbai

Building relations with the online public is the most excellent way to establish your presence online and make your business grow! Suppose you choose to Build My ORM as your Digital PR Manager. In that case, you get all possible help with Digital PR Management, including SEO of your website or blog, influencer marketing, and even handling your social media profiles to tell your brand story. This includes your involvement in online campaigns, trends, and mention of your name or your brand in important news related to your sector.

6. Knowledge Panel Management in Mumbai

If you want a quick glimpse about you or your business to pop on the Google knowledge panel and are struggling to get there, Build My ORM will help you with it. We will ensure you get crisp, attractive, and correct information available on the knowledge panel and manage it for you to avoid misleading or false information present to degrade your online reputation.

7. Corporate Branding Services

Have you realized that there are certain brands whose names are enough? It does not matter what product or service is considered; their brand name is enough for its promotion. This greatly helps introduce new ventures and attract investors, and you can get the best corporate branding services through Build My ORM. From helping you develop brand philosophies, creating taglines, logos, mascots, and even getting ambassadors- you will get it all in the Corporate Branding Services by Build My ORM.

8. Individual Branding Services

Whether you are a business owner, corporate employee, public figure, or anyone in this world- establishing your brand will take you places no other thing can take. Creating a personal brand with Build My ORM is about sharing your story, skills, achievements, and life with the world. This makes you visible and popular, and this individual brand of yours aids you whether you sit for an interview or start a business.

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