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The Build My ORM is a review management platform that allows companies to control their reviews and target key audiences to drive some public reviews of their company or product.

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Best Online Review Management Service- Build My ORM

Introducing Build My ORM:

As per recent research, it was concluded that several consumers read online reviews for local businesses, and they also trust it for a personal recommendation. Therefore, online reviews are the way through which potential patrons perceive your company.

Business sites are likely to inform all the business owners about those patterns and practices of concern, which include the professionally talented staff or all the production issues which need to get fixed. Business reviews allow customers to identify and reward loyal patrons with recognition and thank you notes. Business reviews are pretty powerful in turning a client's negative experience into a positive one.

Monitoring, reviewing, and reporting outreach and review response:

Our experts regularly monitor all the relevant reviews posted for your company on some business reviews or complaint sites. We also offer regular reporting with detailed metrics so you can know who is reviewing your business when they are doing it, or where they are posting.

The main aim of offering all these metrics is to help you understand and respond to trends besides allocating and marketing resources. We also provide outreach services for our existing patrons, target those who had a positive experience with you, and direct these patrons to leave a positive review for your company.

We also respond to all the relevant reviews. Response services allow us to act on your behalf to recognize and acknowledge and escalate and resolve issues posted online. We aim to convert negative thoughts to positive ones.

Why is it vital to monitor online reviews?

The feedback patrons leave online is quite helpful for managers and owners to enhance products and services. Reviews are likely to show what patrons are interested in most and drive innovation. We monitor all the reviews closely and also prevent negative fake reviews, which is an ever-growing issue. Jealous rivals and angry patrons leave false and defamatory reviews, which could damage your company, especially if you fail to pay close attention.

Why is it vital to respond to online reviews?

As several clients read online reviews responding to reviews is one of the vital components of reputation management. Review management is quite effective when you tend to respond timely to what clients are saying. Responding to reviews also enhances one SEO.

Ways to Respond to the Positive Reviews?

It is vital to respond to positive reviews besides negative reviews. Patrons who end up leaving a positive review do deserve a proper acknowledgment, to thank them for being loyal and brand ambassadors. They would also recommend the company to others. In addition, you can use these positive reviews as marketing materials.

How to respond to negative reviews?

Some companies decide to ignore the negative reviews as they are stressed that it would bring in more negativity. But it would be in the best interest of a company if they responded to negative reviews. Unfortunately, people make some common mistakes, like being defensive when responding to negative online reviews.

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