Negative Content Removal

With the Team at Build Your ORM – You Will Never Face Negative Content:

We understand the hard work which goes into building your business, and our professionals will leave no stone unturned in showering only positive comments on the business and erasing all the negativity.

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We believe in keeping things simple, and that's why our team of professionals follows a simple law of suppressing the negative besides promoting the positive. Our work process mainly includes:

✔️ Misrepresentation

✔️ Lies & Slander

✔️ Competitor Defamation

✔️ Cheater Site Listings

✔️ Negative Reviews

✔️ Corporate Defamation

✔️ Complaint Boards

✔️ Mugshot Site Listings

Do not let unwanted content hurt your company:

We aim to either delete or just altogether remove this unwanted content from several sites. It means harmful content will get entirely removed and then will end up no longer appearing on these websites or search engines. Ideally, the process takes at least 2 to 4 weeks and is likely backed by our service guarantee. When the site owner is unwilling to work with us, we also aim to specialize in several techniques to negotiate to de-index. 

Tips to remove Google search results:

If you are willing to remove online search results from search engines, including Google, our experts firstly recommend contacting the site's owner or content provider besides the domain provider. The content will automatically get removed at the source if successful. You can quickly look into the owner's point of contact, or you also have an option to find the contact information for a site.

It is easy to remove the page or multiple pages from google if you are the site owner or webmaster. Firstly, you need to verify the property, especially in the Google search console, or either you can choose to remove the URL temporarily or clear the Cache for which content is likely to be removed.

Firstly, you need to remove the content from the site if you wish to permanently remove Google search results. It will return as a 404 – Not Found or 410 

If you are not the site’s owner and the content is still found online, Google will remove any unwanted  & explicit personal images, including “revenge porn and exploitative removal practices. 

Tips to remove content from being Search results:

It is easy to remove a page or several pages at a time if you are the site's owner or webmaster. Firstly, you need to verify your site by using the webmaster by using some tools to remove the URL or cached site from Bing. You can also use the noindex meta tag to any page Bing tells not to show the same page in search results. 

The bing Content removal tools are also available if you are not the site’s owner and content is not live. These tools notify users about broken links or even outdated cache pages appearing in the web results. Broken links often appear as 404 – Not Found errors. 

You can first connect with the site's owner if you plan to remove content from online search results. The content will be removed at source if you are successful. Usually, you can find contact information for the site on the site or look for the site's owner or point of contact. Bing might remove non-consensual pornography if you are not the site's owner, and it will also remove copyright infringement.