Wikipedia Reputation Management

Build Your ORM is highly experienced when It comes to Wikipedia page creation, monitoring and editing, and the overall Wikipedia reputation management, and also help in establishing the necessary support to build an all-new Wikipedia page.

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Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites globally. Moreover, Wikipedia mainly ranks along with YouTube on the 1st page for several search terms than any other site globally.

The Build My ORM can help you:

  • ✔️ We can help you create a new personal or business Wikipedia page and establish a notability for your company.
  • ✔️ We can edit your current Wikipedia page to update perfect information and highlight content positively.
  • ✔️ We can also monitor an existing page on Wikipedia and alert you about the material changes.

Relevance of Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is likely to be a free online encyclopedia that can be edited by everyone. Wikipedia mainly develops at a quick rate of at least 1.8 edits per second performed by editors globally. Currently, there are more than 6,079,667 articles on Wikipedia, and there are 590 articles uploaded every day. Wikipedia is way different from other online information websites as it is a collaborative effort of various people rather than a few selected researchers or writers.

Importance of Wikipedia:

Several Wikipedia sites are available in more than 300 languages, with more than 46 million articles accessed by at least 1.4 billion devices in a month. There are 2,00000 editors and contributors that manage the Wikipedia database. Wikipedia is vital for you if you are interested in online marketing or online reputation management.

Is Wikipedia Trustworthy?

Several researchers aim to avoid Wikipedia as a source, but in 2005 suggested that Wikipedia is as accurate as of the venerable Encyclopedia Britannica. The best part is that Wikipedia is only a click away, and it is pretty easy to use and access.

It is a go-to online resource for several people to find more than just anything they are curious about. Even though there are some legitimate concerns about bias or excessive powers exercised by editors, Wikipedia has done a fantastic job of policing itself and maintaining the best accuracy level and respectability as a reliable information source.

Tips for Editing a Wikipedia page:

You need to follow some basic steps if you want to edit a Wikipedia page and the best of all is that you don’t need to have any Wikipedia account.

  • ✔️ You need to look for the Wikipedia article you wish to edit.
  • ✔️ Then click on the edit option.
  • ✔️ You can now make changes to the article on-site.
  • ✔️ Click on the option to show preview and see how edits will be seen once the article is published.
  • ✔️ Lastly, you need to leave a brief note and high summary level to help future editors and interested readers.

Wikipedia Guidelines:

Wikipedia editors mainly use some notability tests to understand if a topic or a person needs an article. Editors will decide if there is abundant authority and independent sources to support the specific article. It means a Wikipedia article always needs a footnote from an independent source. Even though anyone can edit an article, Wikipedia has several rules or policies regarding how to edit and create a Wikipedia page. 

Wikipedia Reputation Management:

Our experts provide robust Wikipedia reputation management services which involve a proper blend of public relations, marketing, SEO, legal, strategies which help in promoting protecting, and defending the business reputation or online image on Wikipedia.