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Knowledge panel tends to be a rich results page in search engines, including Google. They mainly show information on all kinds of things, including entities: like businesses, people, animals, countries or plants, etc. this panel can be seen on the right side of one's screen, especially in the desktop search results. It can show the details of the specific entity one is looking for. The panel is mainly meant for users to get an instant review of information on this topic. 

Why should you consider the Knowledge panel?

A knowledge panel is quite helpful if you want to be found by your name or brand's name. You are indeed dominating the search results if Google plans to show you or your business's name in this panel. On the mobile phone, the discussion tends to appear between results, but it's also dominant. A knowledge panel ensures that your name or company's name stands out in the search results when people are searching for it. It would give you several clicks, and it also makes sense if people are searching for your company and cannot find a website, then Google will provide them with the best possible results. 

How to get a knowledge panel for your business?

Like all other results, google also decides if or not it would show your name in the knowledge panel. But google indeed offers some ways to provide information that can be used for your knowledge panel. If you are a local business, there are some things you can do to enhance your chances of getting one. For a brand or person, it can be challenging to get a knowledge panel. 

If one wants a chance of Google, displaying some local board for their company and the first step is to open a Google My Business account. They would be able to verify if they are the owner of their business. After that, they can do some things to enhance their chances of getting a panel and adding relevant information about a company, including news, opening hours, and images.

Data can be shown in their knowledge panel. Lastly, Google is likely to decide if or not to display a knowledge panel for one's business. The essential aspects include relevance, distance, and some prominence of the company that is vital. You need to ensure that your company has a website and, of course, a high authority domain which could enhance your chances.